Saturday, March 11, 2017


My sleep got interrupted around 5:45am today morning Saturday. Usually i get up at 6:30am, so it was little unusual as per my sleeping pattern. With one eye closed, i swiped my phone to unlock it. First thing i see every morning is CNN app to see if anything 'big' happened anywhere in world while i was asleep. Nothing much was happening that time, so i switched to my second app 'USA today' and again everything usual. Then saw the 'breaking news' flashing over my TOI (Times of India) app with the emerging winners of recent polls held in five states in India and among them were the results of Punjab state. 

Congress has won again in Punjab and it was no surprise given the worst reputation of BJP ministers. Some were hoping against hope to see AAP to emerge as winners, but they did pretty well winning over 15% seats in their first ever elections outside Delhi. And surely it's a good sign for the new Government not to feel so complacent after their huge margins of victory. In coming days, the transfer of state powers will be done in a peaceful manner. One of so many things which we take for granted.

How easily the commander of state accepts his defeat and respects people's decision by resigning from the Chief minister's post. What if he had plotted an attack on opposition's leader or had disrupted the elections or had plainly done something to defend his seat by going against the constitution. Few decades ago, it wasn't a very hard task to fantasize the above scenario. I remember very vaguely reading the newspapers or watching news of violence at election booths or disruption on counting of votes at the electoral centers. Army used to be stationed at electoral centers to ensure peace during counting. There used to be a unusual uneasiness in markets or offices during the power transfer. Huge protests were held by people marching on the streets either in favor of ruling government or against it, disrupting day-to-day life of common man. Schools and colleges were closed on the day of counting and sometimes a day before too. 

After waking up, i went through some more information regarding the election results and how the defeated candidate congratulated the winner in elections and winner graciously accepted the wishes from the ex-CM. There was no uneasiness, neither any protests were held by ruling or opposition party. Everyone accepted the decision of people in a graceful manner. 

Silently, Democracy won again. 

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